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Day 39: Which Bigger Problem Can I solve to get rid of small ones?

This is pretty brilliant.

So I before my task list was flooded with a bunch of small tasks. I am not even going to describe the hell of having such a task list.

I was pretty bad it and it forced to seek actual solutions.

So literally years of experimenting lead me to this conclusion.

By solving the root problem, you immediately get rid of all the small problems.

If you are focused on running in the rat race of solving small problems, there is no energy left for the big ones.

I think rich people and companies focus on solving big problems including in their own lives. Big doesn't mean actually big but more impactful and important.

For example, if you train to weightlift, other things such as pushups and such will be damn easy. We are looking at the principle here, not the correctness or relevance of this fitness method.

If you train yourself to solve hard problems, easier ones will be a piece of cake.

So same in task lists, focusing on solving the larger root problem brings in a lot of clarity and high-impact work.

So for food. As I wrote earlier, I gained weight during my freshman year. Then I got to this whole weight loss and I had to address the issue profoundly because I love sweets a lot and I am not the type who just casually skips meals.

After much analysis, I realized that me gaining weight in America is simply a derivative of a character trait that I have: greediness.

Going deeper.

Why did I develop it?

My theory is that growing up in Uzbekistan, in a happy family, but yet an environment that made things scarce (I wouldn't just get something because I wanted it and also in Uzbekistan it's not as easy as ordering on amazon) I developed a trait of "grabbing things". Like you take what you can in terms of opportunities and goods because there are not that many.

So then America happens.

Plenty of resources, plenty of goods, everything is available, within easy reach.

So I went a little crazy.

Like every time you go to a professor or an office, they have a jar with Hersheys. My trait signaled to me "Take it. Take a couple and store it."

And it happened again and again.

So the big core is that it is a psychological thing with wanting to capture things because I was afraid they are gonna go away.

So what?

The big take is that this understanding is allowing me to solve so many other problems I have. Like reading too greedily because I have this internal fear of losing that information or not having access to those books again in the future.

I solve the bigger problem and boooooooom, the smaller derivatives are solved automatically. Yes, I tinker a bit with my food plan but I don't have to think too much once I address greediness.

Now, this is really big because we can think about any problem in this way.

Sometimes there are problems that are just small and quick.

We are talking about big bois here.

Like emotions, financial things, deep cravings.

Like that stuff is huge and we better get on it sooner.

For example, I love ordering books. I cannot read on Kindles and computer and I really enjoy having a variety of books being read at the same time.

So because I'm broke right now, every time I am about to buy this book that is actually benefitting my progress, I have to ask: "Mariyam, can we do this right now? Is this the best way to use the small amount of money you have right now?". It's this whole ordeal.

But I really want it.

It is also really useful.

It is motivating me to actually read it because I never look into that folder with my pdf books.

So many many times I tried limiting the books I buy.

Like those innocent $3.21 + free shipping for a used old edition on eBay.

But all of this is useless if I solve a bigger problem for myself. If I focus my energy and attention for some time on acquiring a sum of money that will allow me to make these books decisions effortlessly.

We are talking books. If it was something else more addictive or potentially negative, I would have second thoughts but this is books.

Even if I read a page of that book I am going to be so much better off.

Let's bring it back. Task lists are going to be a whole different post but today I tried to get the point of big problems across. Your task list (can be mental) is a reflection of things you value and then prioritize to do. Making it high-impact is crucial for achieving high-stakes goals.

🗣What bigger problem can you start addressing to get rid of the annoying small tasks all the time that fill up your task list and your precious life?


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