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Day 26: Moodboard It!

Visualization Hack#1

Moodboards are usually associated with the creatives, such as film directors or designers defining a feeling for certain work. I have found moodboards to be a useful visualization tool for tasks outside of the creative field. 

What is a moodboard?

A collection of materials visually representing a certain idea. A moodboard is what you give your architect to give them an idea of a house you want to be built. Any big IG influencer’s page is sort of a moodboard representing a certain clearly defined lifestyle: something recognizable to followers throughout the infinite feed. A great brand is oftentimes a moodboard for a certain lifestyle; think, GoPro, Patagonia, Gymshark (if you don't know these brands, you can check out their IG and see if you can read the feeling). Interior design is a moodboard for a certain feeling that you want to be experiencing in that space. A music album is also a moodboard for a certain vibe: you listen to different songs, see the album cover and it reinforces the same feeling.  The point of a moodboard: in a matter of seconds, revive the needed coherent feeling.  Another point is to get all of your materials out of your brain and into a physical space for quick and efficient reference.  Like in all the crime movies, the investigator always has a board like this:

Hey, you can moodboard just about anything. Why use it?

  1. Show yourself visually what you want or need. 

  2. Iteratively, refine the moodboard to arrive at a very clear and directed feeling. 

  3. Use it for designed inspirations (See Day 25)

How use it?

Old way: Magazine cutouts, printouts, etc. on a large board or piece of paper. 

New Way: Pinterest (moodboards platform useful for gathering material) Notion Gallery View. (for crafting your own more individual and customizable board)

Making a moodboard is a process that takes some time. It can be as fast or slow as you want, but its not instantaneous. The process helps you clarify a lot of details for yourself though. 

Think about it. A bunch of pictures in a random folder on a laptop is so much weaker compared to an easily referenceable Pinterest moodboard. I used to have chats with myself filled with some pictures that I never looked at. A moodboard makes it easy for me to take a quick look and get reminded of something. 

My examples: 

Notion Moodboard: Personal and unique.

Pinterest Board: Gathering materials from around the web in one place. 

Ripppp USSR. Last cool bit. A hack from Jeremiah regarding moodboards.

**Create a separate moodboard for things that do not belong in the main moodboard to see the contrast clearly. **

This tool, even on a small scale of a couple of pictures is extremely useful for refining the feeling. Moreover, it can go bigger into a moodboard of let's say “Things I do not want to do in my life”.  You can moodboard your plans for the summer, the year, your life, a website, a trip, etc. It is extremely fun and really useful. 

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