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Day 24: Unresolved, this problem will chase me for the rest of my life.

We avoid dealing with problems. It requires thinking deeply about the core of the problem to find a solution that actually works sustainably. Without this, oftentimes our unsuccessful attempt to resolve it causes loss of confidence in our ability to eliminate this from our lives.

So how to actually align emotions with the needed course of problem resolution?

Realize that this problem will stay with you for the rest of your life, annoying you more and more with years. It will never get resolved by anyone in this world except for you. Nothing is going to change unless you intentionally decide to. It is not going to get easier. Times will not change. Whatever you are unhappy about today, will stay with you.

This kind of thinking gives the magnitude of the problem and its repercussions but also offers tremendous benefits. Never deal with this again: weight, confidence, work principles, relationships, etc.

It might be that you will choose to delegate the problem resolution to someone else, like an expert. However, the actual motion of attending to it, meaning noticing it and finding a path out, is only in your hands.

Unless you can afford it, you are likely your own:


Dietician Cleaning person Fitness Coach

Career Planner





And hopefully the best friend.

These are a lot of areas to handle. It will be hard to handle unless we ease our plate a little by fully removing worries from certain areas that can be standardized. So that you have your mental energy to deal with more on-demand issues. In most cases, developing a habit out of a problem to prevent this kind of issues in the future is the way to go.

Attend to the problem seriously once. Fully resolve it and eliminate the need to deal with it ever again. It's only going to be hard right now and then easy forever (if you actually solve it).

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