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Inspired Action

Inspired action is a flow of creative productive energy free from negative emotions and blocks. As it is a crucial for high-impact creative work, it’s a personal responsibility to work out the criteria for setting it up.

Right now I am able to compare my work settings in Uzbekistan and America. In the US, I figured out how to reach a state of inspired action with the help of “a flow checklist” (credits to Jeremiah). In Uzbekistan there are some challenges to that checklist: a very hot climate, family responsibilities, lack of a work environment and friends who are also grinding. When I draw this comparison mindfully, I am able to start controlling these factors consciously.

The same person can perform very differently depending on the physical and emotional setting that he/she is at. So the question is not “Why am I so lazy?” And “Why am I not motivated?”. The question rather is: “What does it take to set up an environment that will put me in a creative action state?”

The goal is to enable and learn to recreate inspired action as often as possible. Why? Because this a frictionless flow of energy that surpasses doubts, challenges and hardships. Inspired action is the most effective mode for doing work.

A couple ways I have figured out:

  1. Playing with different settings to figure out the ideal ratio of noise*people*environment*light

  2. Create a personal flow checklist (see mine here)

  3. Write down reasons for pursuing hard projects while you are inspired and reread them to put yourself back into an inspired state when feeling down.

  4. Display these reminders putting you into an inspired state in key locations: quotes, images, personal symbols.

  5. When inspired, analyze what enabled this state and complement the flow checklist Certain factors cannot be reproduced, so just give in to the state for a very impactful outcome ("When you have inspiration, act on it right then and there" from Naval)

  6. Make sure to differentiate inspired action and decision-making. The earlier requires a strong flow of energy, the later requires rationality and critical approach.

"Interior with an Etruscan Vase", Henri Matisse's, 1940

To get motivation for doing this work I simply realized that no one around me is trying to inspire me to become the very best version of myself. I might get lucky seeing something , but most likely I will have to go and get that inspiration myself. So inspiring myself is a personal responsibility.

To a small extent, crafting a certain personal environment can help us do effective work. To a large extent, living in a place that would be inspiring to you is taking a lot of work off your shoulders. An inspiring city or a group of people creates constant public accountability towards the person you want to be. For example, in Uzbekistan little to nothing around me reminds me of the business I am building. In NYC, I think there will be more triggers through the physical setting and people reminding me of what I am setting out to do.

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