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Day 28: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

And get uncomfortable with being comfortable. Especially if you are young and wanting to do big things.

For me uncomfortable things are:

  • Stepping on a scale every day.

  • Sending LinkedIn requests to people I don't know but admire.

  • Running the final 100 meters of a run super fast.

  • Facing harsh realities through hard conversations about things I do not want to be discussing. (including just myself)

  • Receiving critical feedback and actually hearing it.

  • Asking for money in situations when I need to.

What are some things that make you uncomfortable?

Why is it important to face those things?

Getting intentionally uncomfortable is a form of Truth or Dare played with the purpose of getting yourself exposed to uncomfortable situations that increase your threshold for discomfort. Why do we need that? To be able to do crazy (meaning something that has not been seen before and is therefore seen as "crazy" but is actually just innovative and unique) things that are extremely uncomfortable.

A principle I developed for myself is to always text a person I happened to think of on a certain occasion. For example, I am making a dish that an old friend taught me to make and I text him with this tiny catch-up. I made it into an indisputable rule so that I always do it and do not have time to give in to limiting thoughts. What if they don't care? What if they forgot about me? This is the uncomfortable part. If they did the worst that can happen is them ignoring my message. The best that has happened many times already is that person getting excited and our connection getting reinforced.

This brings us to the reason why this is uncomfortable to do. Fear of embarrassment and failure is the driving force behind us staying comfortable. There are very valid fears. If we didn’t have those at all, we would be considered outcasts in the society. Here is a hack from Jeremiah:

*****care about something more than you care about fear of embarrassment.** ***

So if the benefits of getting uncomfortable are way greater than the downsides, your emotions will align with this "exercise" and make it easy for you to practice.

Like starting a website has so much inertia. You come up with a thousand reasons for why you shouldn’t do it and you need more time to prepare. Asking someone out, generally asking someone for something or about something. The sooner we get exposed by just executing those innocent actions, the better off we will be in our discomfort-handling shape.

I bet there is something right now that is uncomfortable for you to do. If the benefits from doing that thing are greater than potential repercussions (embarrassment or pain), then you have no excuse.

Going to uncomfortable situations to resolve them is a skill. Like any skill, it compounds on itself every time it is practiced. So every time you make yourself slightly uncomfortable for a specific beneficial reason, your overall skills increases greatly. The earlier you start, the easier it will be.

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