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Day 52-53: Time to get on that summer body.

In our house, we have a running joke about getting that summer body.

The further into the summer we get, the funnier it gets..for some of us.

We already started planning out next summer's looks.

From last post on 👉Afternoon Slump, we realize that "Shoot, summer is about to get over but I still have time."

There are yet a couple trips to the beach. Maybe just one but its worth a try.

So, time to act. What the heck do we do??????

The good old diet.

A harsh measure, it seems to be, in the beginning. Needs some will power or an intelligent system to keep our back away from late-night snacking and fave carbs.

On the path to pursuit to our summer goals, we need to get on a diet across all realms.

What is a good diet?

Learning to get into the habit of never eating bad foods. Developing a habit for life.

Why do we need to do it?

To cut down on the bullshit that sucks our energy, money, attention, and creativity and cash in on those for our personal high-impact endeavors.

Similar to how being on a diet, where there is a mental list of "To eat" and "Not to eat" items, we need a list of "To-do" and "Not-to-do" items.

Ahhhh, we are getting deeper.

You reward yourself for an item crossed off a checklist. You want to reward yourself for an item NOT DONE on a not-to-do list.

That item made it to the list for a reason. It will have a tremendous pull of "It seems important"/"I might get in trouble"/"it might benefit like 10 years".

However, using our beautiful food dieting analogy, we want to be super careful to not reward not eating bread with eating candy. Because it destroys the fucking point.

So, the point of a not-to-do list is to clear out mental space. So rewarding yourself by cluttering that magic space with some trash is removing the original point.

I met artist Ralf in India and he was telling me that when he is editting his film, he goes into his room and stops reading other books, watching other movies, or consuming any content from other artists. Because it's time to create his unique art. Other sources pollute his genuine "voice".

So when/if we are on a quest to some masterpiece, a masterpiece being any worthy creation, we want to cut the crap.

My list includes:

Instagram Stories

Instagram Feed

Random Youtube Videos

Facebook On top of these, I reward myself in some way for not doing a task that is not important. For now, I just have a points system.

To choose a high-impact action to do, you need to remove the pull of the small actions.

🗣To curate your own talent, which is your primary responsibility, you need to give yourself freedom. So that when you feel like going in a certain direction, you have the mental, energy, and emotional means to.

So let's lock ourselves in the mental room of editting our one movie.

I have what it takes to get to where I want to get.

I am simply accumulating information and relaxing with justifiable entertainment, thus detracting myself from the goal with all of the tangential actions.

All tangential actions are a waste. They directly put me further away from my goals.

That summer body is really not coming on its own.

Even if we get there in November, the process will require focus and ruthless elimination.

P.S. Here is a funny Soviet poster. The word says "No".

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