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Day 27: Roadmap it!

Visualization Hack #2

Yesterday, we talked about moodboarding. Although really useful, I can see how this tool has a skew towards more visually-oriented people and tasks. Roadmaps are definitely more universal.

Complex projects are processes with many steps along the way. I have experimented my way into a roadmap being a useful tool for defining those processes and ensuring their success.

Now, we all heard about project management but what the heck does this actually mean? (I haven't consulted any PR resources so this is purely my take). Roadmap is a concrete solution and a usable tool that actually brings any project down to earth and makes it possible to manage and achieve.

A roadmap allows you to put all the actions aimed towards a specific goal on a clearly defined pathway. A specific action each goes on a timeline of overall progress towards the goal; exactly where it belongs.

Why is this really useful?

  1. It allows you to draw an accurate picture of a project. With "big" projects, we all have a lot of ideas and tasks floating around in our heads. Instead of potentially losing or overlooking some of them, we can put everything "on paper" and have full confidence that we have it all there. This frees up mental space.

  2. You can take an ambitious project one step at a time. A roadmap makes it visually clear what exactly needs to be done to arrive where you want to be. So it makes it possible to not have the fear of "not making it", because big achievement is just a result of multiple small ones. Running 10k is scary on its own, but on a roadmap, it is the next step after 3k, 6k and 8k.

  3. It is great for sustaining direction. If/when you lose direction during a long and complicated project, this is a clear and precise document to come back to. Similar to a moodboard, you look at it for a couple of seconds, locate yourself on the roadmap and see what is coming next.

So, you can make all of your dreams and projects exist as a roadmap.


Miro(mindmapping app), Paper.


This is my Miro roadmap. No details but you can see the general idea: clear steps along the progress towards the big goal. The yellow star is where I am right now.

Here is another one. More messy and creative but still conveying the idea of a roadmap.

Whether done on paper or online, there is plentitude of tools to help you make this really fun and usable.

The main thing is to just convert "unbelievably audacious" ideas or dreams into a roadmap. Define how you could get even somewhat close to that big thing. Even if I only get to the purple area in my roadmap, it's still really great.

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